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Local schools deal with Confederate controversy


Some schools in the Coastal Empire area are now dealing with issues surrounding the Confederate flag and symbols that have been on the national stage over recent weeks.

Questions are being raised about the rebel soldier mascot displayed around Effingham County High School.

The school changed their official logo many years ago to the letter "E” which is printed on all school uniforms and spirit wear, but their mascot is still a rebel. 

Superintendent Dr. Randy Shearouse sat down with WTOC after family members of an Effingham County High School student reached out to WTOC about rebel soldiers that can be seen as soon as you walk into the building, in the hall and also in the weight room.

"I just found it inappropriate,” said Dasia Smith.

"Occasionally there is a concern and there are remnants of the past,” said Dr. Shearouse.

Despite the national controversy over rebel symbols and flags, Dr. Shearouse says this is part of the schools' history.

"There are no plans to change [the mascot] at this time,” said Dr. Shearouse.

The rebel solider used to be the official logo but he says the school system was proactive nearly 20 years ago by changing it to the "E.”

"I think that students are not thinking about anything associated with the past,” said Dr. Shearouse. “They are thinking of themselves as rebels and getting on the field on Friday night and fighting to win the football game."

Some folks say, maybe it's time for something new.

"I think if there was something more centralized, it could just do a lot of good and bring the community together,” said Smith.

But for now, Dr. Shearouse says they're rebelling any change.

"We are very open to listening to all groups but we just have a good situation right now and we want to maintain that great relationship,” said Dr. Shearouse. “Because after all, it's all about the students and making sure they get the education they deserve.”

Effingham County High School students are not allowed to wear the Confederate flag or symbols. They are also not allowed to fly the flags on their cars. That rule is also enforced in many of our surrounding county school systems, as well.

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