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SCMPD chief honors long-serving staff in department


Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department Chief Jack Lumpkin began the “Years of Service” Ceremony saying, "We cannot be a department we need to be unless we retain high standing officers." 

He addressed the crowd of "sworn and civilian", the honorees, some who've been with the department five years up to 35 years.

"We're all human; we like to be told that we're appreciated, particularly when we're in an age when we're under more scrutiny,” said Lumpkin.

They're also under pressure to solve more shootings, and the chief got word during the program, his officers had made an arrest in the shooting of a 13 year old.

Major Richard Zapal announced, "On August 2nd, we had a pretty bad day, we had a 13 year old shot in the chest, who almost didn't make it.  This morning around 7 a.m., members of the aggravated assault unit and members of the US Marshals Task Force arrested a suspect in that case.  He is now in custody."

Recruitment and retention have been a major issue as of late, and Lumpkin wanted to make sure he celebrated those who have certainly remained, like Nancy Page, who won today's title of longevity with the department.  She's been here 35 years, and is credited with keeping the Forensics Unit running.

Captain John Best is now the Islands Precinct commander after working his way up for three decades, "I've always wanted to be a police officer. I enjoy passing on some knowledge; you see some of them take something away from that, which is the good part and what we can learn from over the years."

Sgt. Jonas Robinson has 25 years under his duty belt working homicides to auto thefts, and he says it's all about one thing at the end of the day, "It's the same, always helping people, just in different areas."

And the first person to literally answer that call is the 911 operator and one of the first civilian communication officers hired for the Chatham County system was Diane Pinckney, who is now a 25-year veteran as well. She now holds the title of Communications Coordinator at the 911 Center.

"We take every call seriously,” said Pinckney. "We do a lot of training in our area, so I've had the opportunity to help develop the training program."

Chief Lumpkin said, "You need some gray hair in the room!  Knowledge, skills, and ability is not limited to 21 year old or the 25 year olds; we need a mixture of people."


  • Ms. Nancy Page


  • Capt. John Best
  • Sgt. Clint Middleton
  • Cpl. William Brown
  • Cpl. Joe Johnson


  • Capt. Charles Hall
  • Sgt. Roger Flannery
  • Sgt. Jonas Robinson
  • Scpl. Harry Glenn
  • Scpl. Angela Grant
  • Scpl. Reginald Owens
  • Scpl. Stephen Rivers
  • Scpl. James Tyler
  • Cpl. Yvette Garcia
  • Cpl. David Komrow
  • Cpl. Timothy Powell
  • Cpl. John Simmons
  • Ms. Diane Pinckney
  • Ms. Sheila Walls


  • Lt. Daniel Flood
  • Lt. Robert Gavin
  • Sgt. Christopher Hinson
  • Sgt. Corey Schaff
  • Sgt. Timmy Thompson
  • Scpl. Roger Mydell
  • Scpl. Tracy Walden
  • Cpl. Rebecca Henry
  • Ms. Diane Ernst
  • Mr. Sanford Stephens


  • Lt. George Gundich
  • Sgt. Stephen Eaton
  • Sgt. Nicole Kohles
  • Scpl. Udon Carter
  • Cpl. Winston Maxey
  • Cpl. Terry Shook
  • Cpl. Randy Smith
  • Cpl. Eugene Solomon
  • Ms. Dana Boram
  • Ms. Alferr Gene Glover


  • Sgt. Jeffrey Oliver
  • Sgt. Alex Tobar
  • Cpl. Ryan Bevil
  • Cpl. Chad Bote
  • Cpl. Patrick Johnson
  • Cpl. John Nevin
  • Cpl. Alan Sammons
  • APO Griffith Coleman
  • APO Robert Edwards
  • APO David Jannot
  • APO Jonathan Puhala
  • APO Nicole Khaalis
  • Ms. Shannon Anderson
  • Ms. Juliette Boaen
  • Ms. Kathy Dixon
  • Ms. Brigitte Evans
  • Ms. Angela Frazier
  • Ms. Stephanie Johnson
  • Ms. Stacey Merriman
  • Ms. Samantha Smith
  • Ms. April Snider
  • Ms. Sesciley Wilson


  • Cpl. Joseph Carlino
  • APO Williams Bailey
  • APO David Baker
  • APO Zachary Burdette
  • APO Chase Cogswell
  • APO Christina Hale
  • APO Justin Hardy
  • APO Charley Puente
  • APO Christopher Ross
  • APO Robert Santoro
  • APO Jacob Schroyer
  • APO Robert Whitfield
  • APO Kristen Wright PTL Scott Richards
  • Ms. Denise Drayton
  • Mr. Morris Williams
  • Ms. Kendra Wings

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