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Drones could soon benefit farmers in Bulloch County


Drones, with photo and video cameras, seem to popping up everywhere.

Soon, they could be seen buzzing over farms in our region.

Farmers with thousands of acres can’t walk each field the way they used to, but new technology gives them the next best thing.

Drones will be available to fly over peanuts, corn or cotton to take overhead photos from a few hundred feet. Bulloch County farmers learned how Southern States Cooperative will team with Waypoint Global Strategies.

David Cromley, farmer, said, “It's pretty exciting to know that we could soon be using this technology to make better management decisions.”

Farmers can analyze pictures from drones and see which areas have problems with insects, weeds, or need more or less irrigation.

“This is letting us find things out at a quicker rate, sometimes before the eye can pick things up. So we can make flights at crucial times during the growing season of these crops,” said Elliot Marsh, Southern States.

Farmers would pay based on the number of flights they want in a season.

Southern States expects to have drones flying around Southeast Georgia by next spring.

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