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County manager says potential police merger is nearing completion


The County Manager said at Fridays County Commission meeting that the police merger agreement is very close to completion.

The county sent a copy of their agreement to the city. The city has now had time to look at that proposed copy.

There have been a number of meetings in the past 24 to 48 hours that would suggest, after a few changes, the city and county have a similar plan that may work for both sides.

One of the major topics now being discussed is the need for pay raises for police officers.

"First of all, I do agree that the officers need a pay raise and be competitive in other areas. The county gave a cap and the cap was given before the discussion of the pay raises so we are pretty locked into that cap at this particular time,” said Commissioner Helen Stone, District 1.

Most council members said they support the idea of paying our officers more, but that will have to be something discussed and agreed upon in the future.

If the city approves the agreement at their next meeting on Aug. 20th, the commission would likely hold a special meeting to also vote to approve the merger.

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