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Filming industry impacting Savannah


Savannah is becoming a close second for movie production companies when it comes to filming locations in Georgia, only behind Atlanta.

And despite the inconvenience it can cause for locals, this is an economic pillar the city welcomes. 

If you've spent any time in town or at Tybee Island, you've probably seen plenty of movie making lately. 

Movie crews for “The Do Over” said in their filming request application they sent to the county that certain driving scenes being done between the Lazaretto Creek Bridge and the entrance for Fort Pulaski might slow traffic.

Ultimately, there were no major issues.

A site manager said at its slowest point, traffic moved along around 35 miles per hour, which really is no different than a busy weekend on the beach.

Even with street closures and inconveniences here and there for drivers, the movie industry keeps coming back. And the president of the Savannah Economic Development Authority says that's not a bad thing.

"We're not looking to make this some gigantic film boom-town. It would be great to focus more on quality than quantity. But we got to start somewhere," said Trip Tollison, President and CEO of SEDA.

Tollison said movie crews are welcome, but the kind Savannah can attract and keep for long periods of time to create jobs and a larger economic impact are what the Authority are after.

"And really expanding what the product is, is really going to pay huge dividends so that we can get to the point where we can be selective and say, you know, that's not necessarily the production we want to go after, but this is. So we will get to that point. But right now, we're just scratching the surface," said Tollison.

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