Credit Card Thief Strikes Workplaces

An image of the suspect from surveillance video.
An image of the suspect from surveillance video.

Have you ever left your wallet or purse laying around the office? It seems your personal items just aren't safe, even as close as on your own desk.

A thief has already spent thousands of dollars of other people's money. It all started about three months ago and he is still on the loose.

Dr. William Wallace has been in the same Richmond Hill office for 23 years and never had any problems. In fact he always left the back door unlocked, but right before Christmas that all changed.

"I left my wallet on my desk like I always did, and someone came in and through the course of the morning, just took off with it," he said.

After searching the office and coming up with nothing, he called to cancel his credit cards and learned someone had already started charging items--$2,000 worth. "In two hours, they hit like ten places," he said.

Turns out the thief had been scoping out his office for a while. "Two weeks earlier, a fellow walked in the back door and was just standing there, and the ladies in the office said, 'Can we help you?' and he said, 'I was wondering if you need your carpet cleaned,'" Det. Dana Strickland of the Richmond Hill Police Department said.

The man in this image from surveillance video is the one police are looking for. He's has already walked into several offices throughout the Richmond Hill area, stealing at least six wallets or purses, and spending thousand of dollars of the victims' hard-earned money.

He last struck about two weeks ago. He is still on the loose. "He walks in like he knows what he is doing, like he belongs there, he's supposed to be there, doesn't ask anyone any questions when confronted he comes up with some kind of excuse," explained Det. Strickland.

So the police say be careful of strangers and keep a close eye on your personal things.

Dr. Wallace's staff says they learned a lesson and don't keep anything out in the open any more.

Police say the suspect is in driving a gold Chrysler or Dodge. He usually buys cigarettes, Hennessey, gin and golf equipment. If you have any information call the Richmond Hill police at 756.2626.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,