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Savannah firefighters urge City Council for new contract


Dozens of Savannah firefighters showed up in force at the Savannah City Council meeting to urge the city administration to go back to the bargaining table and give them a new contract.  

One of the issues the Savannah Professional Firefighters Association has with the city, is that the city says fire captains are management. Because of that, they're not allowed to be part of the union. That's not the case in other fire departments across the state and around the country.

Union officials also say the wage package is not up to par, and that is causing the department to lose a lot of experienced firefighters.

These are two issues Thursday’s demonstrators said need to be resolved as soon as possible.

"These issues need to be resolved before the budget, and that's before November. The budget needs to be planned and it needs to have all accounting involved, to include employees compensation packages,” said President Robert Milie, IAFF Local 574. "I think right now what we're doing is an earnest attempt to reach out, work with management, still resolve these issues to push the city which encompasses the citizens, the employees, and the bureau's agendas for a common, mutual gain relationship."

Brooks Stilwell, Savannah City Attorney, said, "What I would recommend happen is that the city manager write a memorandum for the council on what her recommendations are as to these two points, and whether the city should change its policy on these two points. And the council put that on the agenda in a subsequent meeting."

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