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New ride share program in Savannah for college students


A new form of ride sharing hit the streets of Savannah about two weeks ago, so you may see more young drivers next to you on the road.

Savannah State University is the first school in the city to take on ZIPcar.

ZIPcar services are nothing new to the state of Georgia, in fact, Georgia Southern students have been "zipsters" since the fall of 2013.

The cars are located at two different locations on campus, one being the student union.

The black Ford Focus has a green insignia with ZIPcar on the side, and most likely
students will be behind the wheel, although faculty and staff may use them too.

Maurice Nelson, Student Government Association Chief Justice, said even though they launched the program a little over two weeks ago, he thinks so far so good, "I've gotten great feedback from it, and I've seen students use the services already."

Nelson said it's an added benefit especially for the SSU campus.

"We have a campus that is a walking campus, so a lot of times that may be a challenge for students who have needs off campus,” he said.

Andre House, Director of Parking and Transportation, said, "60 percent (of students) don’t have a car and 40 percent do have a car."

SSU does have a partnership with Chatham Area Transit; however, House says the school wanted to give students who just don't have the means for a personal car, things everyday drivers may take for granted, and make it just a little more convenient.

"They're going to be able to go get groceries and bring them back and it allows them to utilize the car if they want to go home for the weekend,” said House.

He says it'll also help ease congestion on campus parking. 

There's that concern of student safety, but when you sign up, ZIPcar checks your driving record. The company has its own insurance, so Savannah State is not liable for any damages if they occur.

Nelson says it's a good social experiment as well. 

"We actually promote student responsibility, and that's a byproduct that we hope filters through our students,” Nelson said.

 The SSU 2015-16 fee schedule says both resident and commuter students pay $45 per year for a parking decal.

ZIPcar costs $25 to join then nominal fees based on time and distance you use it. 

For more information, visit ZIPcar’s website. 

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