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Seventh graders in Beaufort Co. could be sent home Monday without T-DAP vaccine


More than 100 seventh graders could be sent home early from Beaufort County Schools Monday.

It’s because of a requirement by South Carolina state government, which mandates all seventh graders receive the T-DAP vaccine. A shot which primarily protects against whopping cough, among other diseases.

Children get the T-DAP vaccine when they’re very young, but are required to do so again before they begin the seventh grade.

Spokesperson for the Beaufort County Schools said as of Friday, 105 students still need to take action.

 "On Monday, parents have to show that either their child has had the shot, or has an appointment to get it. If they have one of those two things, they can stay in school on Monday,” said Jim Foster, spokesperson for the Beaufort County School District.

There are approximately 1,500 seventh graders in the District’s schools.

If your child still needs the T-DAP vaccine, you can go to the Health Department or get it done at a private company, like a pharmacy or grocery store with a doctor’s prescription. 

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