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Multiple shooting incidents targeted at wrong home according to residents


A home on Ohio Avenue in Savannah has been shot at repeatedly, putting the lives of children in danger. And two families are wondering why.

As recently as this Tuesday, the sound of gunfire striking the siding and the vehicles out front have two sisters reaching out to WTOC in hopes that whomever is doing this realizes, they have the wrong house.

On one side of the duplex is a family of five with three children, on the other, a family of six with five children.

The bullets have cut through both homes recently, nearly hitting the people inside.

"Three down bottom. One up here up top. The three on the bottom actually hit the sofa. I guess they were aiming to see if maybe someone was sitting on the sofa,” said Ebony McNeal, who fears for her children's lives.

McNeal and her sister Tamika Brown share the duplex that has been shot at multiple times.

"This is the living room. And the first bedroom is actually my kid’s room. That's crazy. You can see my car was hit, that's ridiculous,” said McNeal.

McNeal and her five children have only been in the home since April. And she believes someone is after whoever lived in the home before her.

"I don't know who they're looking for, but they don't stay here. We don't have company like that, it's just us every day, all day. So who would do something like this to my sister and her kids? It's just ridiculous,” said Tamika Brown.

"If any of those bullets was any higher or lower, any of our children could have gotten hit. They were in the bed sleeping. You know, anybody could've gotten hit by this,” said McNeal.

McNeal and Brown say police have been out several times, collecting shell casings and bullet fragments from inside their homes. But so far, they still have no idea who is responsible for shooting.

They just ask for their safety, and children’s safety, that it stops.

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