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Hilton Head Island sculpture under scrutiny for safety


A sculpture was put on Shelter Cove Community Park last month, but after a child got stuck in it, community leaders are rethinking its placement.

The Hilton Head town manager said the sculpture was put here with good intentions, but another group says it needs to go.

A “Do Not Climb” sign hangs next to this now-controversial sculpture on Hilton Head.

"Not everybody approves it, and not everybody is a big fan. It interrupts the view, and it's proved to distract business, a kid got stuck in it,” said Scott Foster, chairman of the Architectural Review Board of Shelter Cove.

The sculpture had previously won a local contest and was put on the property of the town of Hilton Head, last month.

Town Manager Steve Riley says he thought it was a good idea, at the time.

"The committee, they liked the fact that it was interactive. They liked the fact that you could climb on it, and kind of engage with it,” said Riley.

But within weeks of planting the sculpture in the center of a public park, Riley says he started rethinking that decision.

"This child climbed up pretty high. And when they slid down, they sled into a crevice and got themselves stuck,” Riley said.

He's talking about 7-year-old boy who was stuck in the crevice for close to an hour, while on vacation with his family. And that's one reason why members of the Shelter Cove Architectural Review Board say the sculpture needs to be placed somewhere else.

"It's kind of surprising that it is so complicated, but sometimes these things kind of mushroom,” said Foster.

No word yet on when discussions to move the sculpture will take place, but Town Manager Steve Riley said he's certainly willing to hear the Architectural Review Board of Shelter Cove out.  

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