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Transportation forum held to discuss semi traffic enforcement, safety


With an average of 100 fatalities a month on Georgia roadways, some traffic experts are looking for ways to make you safer behind the wheel at a transportation safety forum Friday.

In attendance were representatives from the Federal Highway Administration, Department of Transportation, and several law enforcement agencies.

Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter, who called the meeting, wants to require commercial vehicles over 10,000 pounds to have special breaks.

"The states have to know that they're going to have a steady influx of money coming in for these projects in order to undertake these projects. That's the responsibility of the federal government and we have to make sure that happen,” said Congressman Carter.

But a local organizer for a trucker's union says highways would be safer if trucking companies were held accountable.

Jerome Irwin, Sr., Teamsters Union Organizer, said, "And get the trucking companies to do what is right by the drivers, which is dispatching them in a timely manner and not pushing them to go beyond their limitations."

Friday’s conference was largely inspired by the recent fatal accidents on local highways, including the crash in April that killed five Georgia Southern University nursing students near Ellabell.

But today's experts hope teamwork by different agencies can help reduce accidents like that across the state.

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