Citizens hold 'We Must Do Something' night against violence

Citizens hold 'We Must Do Something' night against violence

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Cries for peace echoed on the streets of East Side Savannah tonight. Members of Savannah's "We Must Do Something" initiative knocked on doors to speak with members of the community face-to-face. The event brought together more than 200 men in the name of peace.

"They're walking the streets, they're talking to single moms, they're talking to youth, they're talking to men, they're talking to them about education, they're talking to them about jobs," said Pastor Charles Roberson, WMDS organizer.

The night began at Second Arnold Baptist Church on 37th Street as activists stepped out into the rain. The weather did not stop the group from completing their journey and Pastor Roberson estimated that hundreds of homes were reached throughout the evening. He said that having nearly 20 Savannah churches join forces to promote anti-violence was a first for Savannah's East Side.

One participant claimed that losing a friend to violence makes this mission personal. "He got shot in the head due to someone, some crazy nonsense, you know," said Joseph Mills. "Stuff that people don't even need to deal with, you know; drugs, violence," he continued.

The We Must Do Something group will hold its next Impact Night in West Savannah next month.

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