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Beaufort Co. schools Code of Conduct changed


The Beaufort County School District is changing the way it disciplines children this year.

Students who break the lowest level of rules won’t be facing in-school or out-of-school suspension anymore. Each year, students suspended in Beaufort County miss thousands of days of classes, because of suspensions. The district’s modified Code of Conduct focuses on decreasing that number.

“The basic premise of that is if they’re not in school, they can’t learn. So definitely we want them in school and we want them in class but we want them behaving in the way we expect for them to behave,” said Dr. Gregory McCord, Beaufort County School District.

Under the new policy, students committing level one offenses, like dress code violations, cutting class, tardiness, profanity, and vandalism less than 50 dollars, won’t face in or out-of-school suspension.

One parent likes the change.

“I don’t think it should take a kid out of a classroom whatsoever. They need to understand consequences but they also need to get an education. So that’s the prime reason for being there,” said Jennifer Kovacs, parent.

Though suspension won’t be a consequence for level one offenders, the district is coming up with other punishments that won’t take students away from the books.

 “This might include work detail. Saturday detention, after school detention that may stretch into longer hours of the evening,” said Dr. McCord.

Kovacs said she likes the idea of detention, as long as it helps the students understand the consequences for their actions.

“I think even if they made them come on Saturdays, they should have to do work or they should have to help tutoring other kids or work with other kids. Give them a reason for being there,” said Kovacs.

The new policy also gives principals more flexibility and authority when deciding how to discipline students.

For more details on the school district’s revised Code of Conduct, click here.

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