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Hole ruled a cave-in after sewer failed


City crews worked Monday morning to repair a caved-in hole on the east side of Savannah.

Many residents believed it was a sinkhole, but city officials have confirmed that was not the case. The hole was about two feet wide and six feet deep, but far less dangerous than a sinkhole.

"This is not a sinkhole and people should not get confused. This is a cave-in which is exactly what it sounds like,” said Jim Laplander, the Director of Water and Sewer for the City of Savannah.

Sinkholes are much larger and can even get larger over time. They are most commonly seen in Florida. The hole of Hibiscus and 41st was simply a depression caused by the old sewer pipe failing.

City officials are busy spending about $2 million a year trying to revamp the city sewer systems since many of the lines were placed back in the 1930's. Crews were busy digging a deep hole to replace the pipe and repave the road. Laplander says this is not uncommon.

"Just stay away from it, do not go near it and call us right away at 311 and we will get people on it immediately," said Laplander.

Temporary pumps have been placed at the intersection so sewer service will not be impacted for anyone that lives around there.

The repairs should be complete by the end of the week.

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