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Officer rescues two from burning home


A Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police officer is credited with rescuing two people from a burning home on Saturday.

"This was the sound of thunder that was different. We were putting up groceries and watching T.V.  We looked at each other," said Monica Snowden, one of those rescued.

Multiple crews responded and they believe lighting is to blame for the fire.

Advanced Police Officer Robert Whitfield, a Mounted Patrol officer, was on his way into work just before 7 p.m. when he noticed the house on fire in the 1400 block of Old Grove Point Rd. 

"I noticed the smoke was coming from a house. I knew I had to turn around," said Whitfield.
"I was there a minute after someone made that call."

One of the homeowners was standing outside and she advised Whitfield that her 70-year-old husband and her 42-year-old daughter were still inside.

“With that fire I was just thinking the whole time, ok, I can't think I just got to get in there and get these people out," said Whitfield.

APO Whitfield went inside the smoke-filled residence and led both people to safety.

"She kept screaming that she needed to find her father. I told her to get out the house and I would find him," said Whitfield. “I grabbed his arm and told him he needed to come with me. He told me his was trying to put the fire out. I said, ‘sir, I am an officer and you are coming with me.’ I basically dragged him out of the house."

The daughter and her father were trying to get the fire out on their own.

"This is 40 something years. It may not look like much to anyone else but our hearts are in there,” said Snowden.

Although the house was destroyed, no one was hurt.
"I have had a lot of officers that I am friends with call and say, ‘hey man great job and we are proud of you,’”said Whitfield. “I was just trying to save someone's life, that is what I signed up for."
Whitfield will not call himself a hero but others will.

 "If you see him in your neighborhood make sure you are kind and nice and know you have a good one. He was just wonderful," said Snowden. "When you think about officers and you think about our story, just look behind us. You see him. He risked his life coming in a burning
house. He didn’t care about himself. He comforted us and stayed with us the whole time.”

The official cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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