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Drainage issues persist throughout Savannah


Heavy rains over the past few days have stranded some families inside their homes in Savannah.

All that water accumulated, turning a number of streets into ponds and streams after the violent rainstorms. And, after looking in some of the harder hit areas Monday, not all streets are back to normal even a day later.

"We need things done. And we need the people that make the promises to get them in office, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that, don't give us word of mouth. Give us action. And we're tired of it,” said a resident who wants to remain anonymous.

Ferrill Street is one of many areas, often a block or two at a time, where the city is working to correct drainage issues.

"We have a list of projects this long that we need to get to throughout the city. It's a constant state of prioritization,” said Brett Bell, City of Savannah spokesman.

But residents said they don't feel like much of a priority.

"Don't just put the money in certain areas. It needs to come here and straighten out the flood situation. It's been going on for years. This is not a new problem, so it's needs to be taken care of,” said a resident.

Bell says the city has made remarkable progress since SPLOST funds became available for capital improvement projects, and that many high-traffic areas subject to flooding have been fixed.

But the list is still long, and expensive.

"We thought we had a project to resolve, street flooding in the Habersham village area last year. We went out to bid, and the lowest bid came back at 75-million dollars. And again this was for a one block area, to relieve street flooding in a one block area,” said Bell.

Bell added they do have crews out seven days a week, some using the big trucks with the hoses to push debris out of the drains.

Bell said there are some things people can do to help the city combat street flooding. A couple of problems are litter and yard waste ending up in the drain areas causing big backups.

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