Bats Infest Apartments

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing bats flying around in your bedroom. It sounds like a nightmare, but it's very real. They're taking over an apartment building in Yamacraw Village.

The bats are getting kicked out of the attic and don't know where to go, so they are literally swarming into a handful of apartments.

They crawl in through the tiniest spaces making living there almost unbearable. Once, nine-year-old Shawnteria Dobbins awoke to find one of the flying rodents under her covers. "They are very scary," she said. "They fly around this whole house."

"Now I'm still sleeping in my front room on my floor," said Natasha Jackson. "I will not go in my bedroom because them things give me the creeps and I don't want one of them touching me."

And it's not just one or two bats at a time; they're literally taking over some apartments.

"We got 14 out the house one day and nine out the next day and six out this morning," resident Anna Powell said.

Ironically, this problem is actually part of the solution. The Housing Authority of Savannah is putting air conditioning into every building in Yamacraw. And while they're in the attics, crews are bat-proofing them.

"They've designed a system that allows the bats to come out of the attic, where they've lived for some 40 years, and not allow them back in," explained Sandy Glicken of the housing authority. "So what's happening is you have bats that don't know where they should go."

The problem is that, all of a sudden, these thousands and thousands of bats have no home. So they try and make do with a new one. They'll crawl in through spaces between windows and doors and find a new place to live.

Simple solutions for bat-proofing are the best. If you've got damaged screens, call the housing authority. And in the meantime, keep all possible entrances shut tight.

"The first one that came in my house, it had to come in my back door when I had it open, and now I don't keep my doors open," said Natasha Jackson. "I keep them closed. No windows up or nothing."

The housing authority says it will help people get bats out. They plan on putting flyers up around Yamacraw today telling people how they should deal with them.

If you have any questions, call facilities management at 235.5810.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,