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Effingham County BOE releases statement on continued use of Rebel name


The Effingham County Board of Education prides itself as a leading school system in the state of Georgia. Opportunities abound for all students to be successful in whatever course in life they choose to follow.

The recent concern over the rebel name at Effingham County High School has brought attention to a great high school with not only a tradition, but a vision where every child is successful.

The Effingham County School System was proactive years ago and started using the “E” as our official logo or symbol. All uniforms, both school and athletic should only have this approved “E” and the school system will ensure adherence to this rule. All official signs and scoreboards located around campus have the official “E”.

There are some artifacts that are part of the school’s history that remain such as a sign given by the class of 1982, a few small items in a trophy case in honor of a beloved past coach, and a painted phrase and caricature commissioned by a past principal in the 1990s.

As it has in the past, the Effingham County Board of Education willingly listens to the concerns of all stakeholders. We truly need and welcome everyone’s involvement to continue our progress.

Effingham County High School will continue using the rebel name not as a name of hate, but as a name associated with pride in one’s school and its traditions.

Fortunately, even with the distractions outside of school this past week, our student body has behaved admirably. They have pride in Effingham County High School and respect for each other.

Thanks again for your continued support of the school system.

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