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Chatham County officials prep for hurricane in new way


Chatham County officials did something new Tuesday to get ready for a hurricane. 

For the first time, they held a Hurricane Evacuation meeting with all of the county leaders and Chatham Emergency Management Agency officials in one room.

They said with so many new community leaders, they really wanted to make sure everyone knows how to respond to a major storm. They also said how you respond is critical.

"It's in your best interest as a citizen of Chatham County to leave the area,” said Dennis Jones, Interim Director of the Chatham Emergency Management Agency.  “It may be inconvenient, it's inconvenient for everybody, but if you stay here and you get injured there's nobody that's going to be able to help you until it's safe for them to be on the roads to be able to get to you."

"When the lights go out, when the winds blow, and the water is rising that's not the time to figure it out,” said Lee Smith, Chatham County Manager.  “You have to do it well in advance and that's why I appreciate the CEMA staff putting this together."

There will be two more, big hurricane evacuation meetings: one in the winter and one in the spring.

Even though hurricane season ends Nov. 30th, they said planning is year round.

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