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WTOC Top Teacher: Jamie Edenfield


When you find something special, you just want to hold on to it and never let go. This WTOC Top Teacher found that something special in her job a long time ago, teaching kindergarten students.

Jamie Edenfield's Claxton Elementary Kindergarten class is hard at work learning their ABC'S. Edenfield has taught students to read at Claxton Elementary School for 14 years.

“I student taught in this classroom, with Ms. Joyce Lockwood, who taught me everything I know pretty much. She actually left me her classroom with all this stuff. So I've been here ever since,” said Edenfield.

And this Georgia Southern University graduate has no plans to leave.

“I wouldn't go anywhere for the world. You couldn't pay me to go to another school. I live in Metter now, and my husband is like don't you want to live closer to home. I say nope, I will drive 45 minutes every day just because I love the kids and the people I work with,” said Edenfield.

Forty-five minutes, one way, every day to do more chores on her family farm.

“She goes home to a farm, she works every day. She relates that farm life to her students. And that gives them opportunity to see what life is about, and other situations, because most of our children live within the city limits of Claxton,” said Principal Marty Todd.

And the barnyard door to learning stays open in Ms. Edenfield's class.

“I love teaching them to read, that's the best thing in the world, they would come to me, and they don't know a letter, they don't know their sounds, and by the time they leave me, they can read,” said Edenfield.

Edenfield says at the heart of it, God is the center of her life. She and her husband are youth leaders at their church, Metter United Methodist.

“Every morning I pray all the way to school, that God will guide me, to teach my babies, what they need to know, to prepare them for the future,” said Edenfield.

“Mrs. Edenfield is a very energetic teacher. She's one of those teachers, if she ever decides to get out of teaching, you cannot replace,” said Todd.

One of Edenfield’s students said, “She's funny, she's funny, she tells a lot of funny stuff.”

“Outstanding teacher, great personality, the students love her to death,” said Todd.

“I love them, they are all so sweet and all so perfect. I'm going to cry,” said Edenfield. 

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