Bats Continue to Disrupt Residents

Bats are scary creatures, and the last place you want to see them is flying around your home and family. Last night, we took you into one home where that's exactly what's happening. Bats literally crawling out of the woodwork, flying throughout the homes, terrorizing the families that live there.

The problem started when the Housing Authority of Savannah tried to fix the air conditioning and heating system and get the bats out of the attics. Unfortunately, now they're in the homes.

The invasion is happening at several homes in Yamacraw Village near Bryan and Fahm Streets. The bats are looking for a home, but understandably, no one's opening any doors for them.

"It was right in bed with us," said resident Shawntiauna Dobbins. "And then in the couches."

When the housing authority realized how bad the problem was and that the homes had become bat caves, they took immediate action.

The pestered residents pulled up chairs and watched as the unwelcome guests fled their new digs. But there is one small problem. Now the bats are flying around the neighborhood.

"I don't trust no bat, one just flew over me a while ago, and my sister done killed it," said resident Mary Wilson.

The housing authority started replacing the screens on most homes so the bats can't return. It's also passing out flyers telling people about the situation.

The flyers give numbers that residents can call for help. They also tell residents that bats aren't harmful and they kill up to 600 bugs and hour, but those little facts don't ease the minds of most of the people in Yamacraw.

"If I see it, I'm going to kill it," Katie Wilson said.

Many of the residents say they will just have to see it to believe it, and they are just counting down the days for all the construction at Yamacraw to be finished. While they know it is a help, they are just worried about more bats flying around the neighborhood.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,