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Scammers using fake phone calls to swindle money in Hampton County


Scammers are using phone scams in Hampton County to swindle you out of your cash.

You get a call from someone, identifying themselves as law enforcement. They say you owe money, and if you don’t pay it, you’re going to jail.  

The automated message sounds legitimate, however it’s not.

“It’s a scam to get into your personal accounts. Your social security number, your bank accounts,” said T.C. Smalls, Hampton County Sheriff.

Sheriff Smalls said the caller then gives you a number to a lieutenant at the office, to get more information. When you call it, you’ll get his voicemail,” Lt. Brian Davis is not available at the moment, message and he will contact you as soon as possible.”

But not before asking you for information, that could make you a victim of identify fraud, “Please verify your full name, birthdates, and social security numbers so your identity may be confirmed.”

Sheriff Smalls said, “Legitimate government agencies don’t solicit your birthday or your social security numbers. It’s always done in writing or a professional manner.”

Hampton County Deputies are investigating the calls, but said it’s hard to make any arrests in situations like this because the scammer could be anywhere in the world.

If you receive a phone call from someone saying they’re with the sheriff’s office, and they’re asking for money or your personal information, hang up and call your local law enforcement agency directly. 

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