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Qualifying begins for municipal elections in Savannah


This week folks in Savannah will know exactly who they can vote for in November.

The clerk of court will be working all week to make sure the folks who are interested in running are eligible. The clerk says every election they average about 25 to 30 candidates, and she expects that to be the case this year.

The tentative list has an opponent for almost every district, some potential candidates said it’s time for change especially when it comes to tackling crime.

So, WTOC asked what some voters thought.

"Whoever you put in office is not going to change the crime situation,” said Thomas Daniels, Savannah.

Some said they aren't blaming the elected officials, but others said they are very frustrated at the way issues are handled. 

"Watching a city council meeting on TV is infuriating because people just talk louder than the other and nothing really gets done," said Andrea Leroux, Savannah.

Leroux said she's lived here for seven years and is looking to move away to a place that she could someday raise a family because the city is too dangerous. She said voters need to put new people in office who can not only find a solution to the big issues but also the smaller ones, like parking.

"I live ten minutes away but I have to leave 30 to 40 minutes early sometimes just to hope to find somewhere near,” said Leroux.

Candidates have until Friday to qualify, and voters will make their choice on Nov. 3rd.

Here is the full list of candidates so far:


  • Edna B. Jackson-Incumbent 
  • Phone: (912) 355-7902 
  • Website: www.ednajackson.com 
  • E-mail: ednajackson2015@att.net 

  • Eddie DeLoach 
  • Phone: (912) 210-1722 
  • Website: www.deloachforchange.com 
  • E-Mail: eddie.deloach@deloachforchange.com 

  • Murray Silver, Jr.  
  • Phone: (912) 355-7054  
  • Website: www.changesavannah.com 
  • E-Mail: wwwmauriceargent@aol.com 


At-Large Post 1 

  • Carol Bell- Incumbent 
  • Phone: (912) 663-7907 
  • E-Mail: chbell210@aol.com 

  • Linda Wilder-Bryan 
  • Phone: (912) 306-4133 
  • E-Mail: jusbiznuss@yahoo.com 

At Large Post 2 

  • Alicia Blakely 
  • Phone: (912) 631-0731 
  • E-Mail: alblakely2001@gmail.com 

  • G. Lind Taylor 
  • Phone: (912) 677-6893 
  • Website: www.glindtaylor.com 
  • E-Mail: glindtaylor@gmail.com 

District 1 

  • Van R. Johnson-Incumbent 
  • Phone: (912) 236-9494 
  • Website: www.vanjohnson.net 
  • E-Mail: aldermanjohnson1@aol.com 

District 2 

  • Bill Durrence 
  • Phone: (912) 247-8108 
  • Website: www.electbilldurrence.com 
  • E-Mail: contact@electbilldurrence.com 

  • Mary Osborne-Incumbent 
  • Headquarters: 642 East 41st Street 
  • Savannah, GA 31401 

District 3 

  • John Hall-Incumbent 
  • Phone: (912) 596-1807 
  • Website: www.facebook.com/aldermanjohnhall 
  • E-Mail: john@electjohnhall.com 


District 4 

  • Julian Miller
  • Phone: (912) 220-3550
  • Website: www.miller2015.com 
  • E-Mail: julianmiller@bellsouth.net 

  • Mary Ellen Sprague- Incumbent 
  • Phone: (912) 659-0103 
  • E-Mail: memesprague@juno.com 

District 5 

  • Estella Edwards Shabazz-Incumbent 
  • Phone: (912) 213-6444 
  • Website: www.re-electshabazz.com 
  • E-Mail: drees5thdistrict@live.com 

District 6 

  • Stephen McElveen 
  • Phone 1: (912) 665-1354 (Business) 
  • E-Mail: themcelveen@aol.com 

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