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Vandals cause thousands of dollars in damage to new homes in Bryan County


Vandals have slowed progress for a builder in Bryan County, and caused thousands of dollars in damage in several homes being built in a new development.

The criminals have targeted one or more of the houses over the past two weeks, but did the most damage this past weekend, likely sometime Saturday night.

"Just incredible senseless damage," said realtor Teresa Cowart.

The senseless damage is causing the builder for the site to dedicate more time, effort and resources to re-do work, even pulling material from other houses just to patch up the damage done.

"Every house broken into, every house. Windows broken on both levels, tiles broken, drywall destroyed," Cowart said.  "It really is a detriment to the builders as well, because it puts them so far behind schedule. I mean they could be doing something proactive in getting the house put together today, but instead we've got everybody including the superintendent out here replacing windows."

And for Cowart, the vandalism makes her job a lot harder when it comes to selling the house and location to potential buyers, who might be leery learning about the criminal activity.

Cowart said, "Or they can't get past the broken windows. That's just so traumatizing to them that they can't look at the house."

Cowart said only one home was vandalized last weekend, and they filed the police report and just figured it was a one-time, isolated incident.

But after this weekend, it's clear this is a bigger problem.

"I have never seen this in Richmond Hill, ever. And I've lived here since '94, and been selling real estate here for over a decade." She added, "I don't know what fun this is to break windows and beat up walls. I don't understand."

The Bryan County Sheriff's Office is investigating, and the lead detective said he doesn't believe there are any similar cases in any other part of the county.

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