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Man pistol whipped during home invasion out of hospital


A man who was attacked by an intruder while in bed with his 36-weeks pregnant wife is now out of the hospital. 

It happened in their home on West Park Avenue. There have not been any arrests at this point, and a good suspect description has not been given.

The woman said her husband suffered serious head injuries. 

"I heard the knocking on the door and screaming for help and to call 911,” said James Hamrick, neighbor.

The woman screaming was one of the victims of the home invasion. According to police, a male came in through one of the doors, came up the stairs and attacked the man while he was lying in his bed.

The suspect and victim got into a fight, and that is when the victim was pistol whipped numerous times.

"He had a severe wound on his forehead and bleeding profusely,” said Hamrick.

The victim was able to get a knife at some point and stab the suspect several times, that’s when the suspect ran off. The wife’s scream for help was heard from a neighbor and they called 911.

The suspect is described as a black male in his late 20s, weighing 190 to 205 lbs., with a short haircut and no facial hair. He was wearing a dark shirt and dark pants, possibly a security uniform. He is believed to have left the scene in a light-colored mini-van or Nissan Versa.

"Make sure your home is absolutely secure at all times. I'm not exactly a gun advocate, but it's probably not a bad idea to have some sort of self defense situated somewhere in your home that needs to be accessible immediately," said the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous. 

Police have some tips, if you ever find yourself in this terrifying situation.

"This is in your home which is a different feel,” said Advanced Patrol Officer Samantha Stephens. "Your human reaction will be to fight, it is the fight or flight syndrome. But my advice to you is, if there is an escape, take it."

There are several things you can do beforehand that can possibly help.

"Lighting, alarms, and for those that cannot afford alarms right now, putting bells on the doors,” said APO Stephens. "We have to learn to build deterrents into our days and into our homes for our own safety."

If you are ever in a home and this happens, try everything you can to get 911 on the line, even if the phone is on the floor.

"If you can get the line open, just know that we can hear what is going on in the background. Use words, use verbiage. Get out, get out, get out. I am being burglarized, I am being attacked, get out, get out,” said APO Stephens.

Police also provide a free service to inspect homes and provide information to increase safety.        

"What we will do is review the home for lighting, methods of entry that we know criminals use often in order to gain access to homes. We will review all of those items from lighting, to locks, doors, and windows and share the information that we have and make suggestions,” said APO Stephens. 

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