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CNT watching for new drug 'Flakka'; dangerous side effects


There is a new drug on the streets and many people are talking about it, but it comes with dangerous side effects.

The drug is called “Flakka”, and it is similar to other synthetic drugs seen in the past, but much cheaper.  

"Usually Flakka is a white crystal like substance that they can take it through snorting, injecting, swallowing or smoking," said Gene Harley with CNT.

It is man-made and similar to bath salts. Users hope to get a high similar to ecstasy or the love drug, but often it has the opposite effect.

"They have this huge super human strength. When people have those types of effects they start doing these irrational behavior and act violent and fight," said Harley. "Something that would usually take 1 to 2 people to get someone into custody. Now, it takes 7 to 10 guys to take them into custody."

It causes paranoia and bizarre delusions. There have been reported cases of people running around in the nude, fighting police, and violent outbursts.

"In some cases of people taken to the hospital have had a temperature of over 105 degrees,"
said Harley.

It is very popular in Florida, but has popped up in Georgia, most recently in Valdosta. Two men were arrested over the weekend.

"Here in Chatham County, we have not had any cases of Flakka," said Harley.

Georgia has tried to outlaw types of synthetic drugs like bath salts and synthetic marijuana, but these are being produced outside the U.S.

“They take the current law and reproduce their product to not contain this particular ingredient but others that are similar," said Harley. “People take a great risk of putting something in their body and they have no idea what it is.”

Cases of Flakka have been found in Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Kentucky, California and Florida so far.

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