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Beaufort soon-to-be mom's house has flooded five times in four years


A soon-to-be mom in Beaufort said she and her family are soon-to-be homeless after her home has flooded for the fifth time in four years, and she has nowhere to go.

When Torey Conner bought her first house, she thought it was going to be the perfect place where she can start a family.

“What’s frustrating to me this time is I’m pregnant with my first child. At 20 weeks I should be preparing the nursery, getting ready for the baby and instead I’m basically homeless living in a hotel. The city is acknowledging the problem but isn’t doing anything to fix it,” said Conner.

Every year when it rains heavily, her home floods.

“Basically what happens is these two drains get overflowed and all the water backs up into my yard and into my house,” said Conner.

She said the water gets about two to five inches high, and she has to replace the floors, parts of the walls and furniture. Costing her thousands every year.

“Since 2013, I’ve been living on bare cement floors because I can’t afford to continue to replace it and make the insurance claims,” said Conner.   

Conner and her family will be staying at a hotel until Sunday. She said after the weekend, if her house isn’t fixed, they’ll have nowhere to go.

“I want them to either fix the drains, raise my house, take my house back, something to remedy the situation for me. This is been going on for years and I need a solution and I’ve tried going to city council, I’ve tried talking to council members and the public works guy, and it’s just not getting me anywhere,” said Conner.

Conner’s realtor said the city is planning to meet in the near future to discuss her property. 

WTOC reached out to the Beaufort's Public Works Department for a comment and have not heard back yet. 

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