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Proposal to renovate bridges at Bacon Park Golf Course


Savannah City Council will be asked to vote Thursday to approve payment for work being done on two bridges at the Bacon Park Golf Course being restored by O.C. Welch Golf Properties.

It is considered a formality that the cost, in excess of $290,000, will be approved.

O.C. Welch Golf owns the management contract for Bacon Park, but the city owns the golf course and all buildings and structures on it, including the bridges.

It was agreed early on that the city was responsible for all costs pertaining to the bridges located on what will be the 18th and 15th holes.

An engineering evaluation of the bridges determined one to be in danger of collapsing and that it would have to be replaced. That triggered an emergency clause in the city purchasing policy and accelerated an expense the city knew was coming.

“When they came in and said they'd run the course, they said we'll make these improvements, but what about that? That's yours? And we said, yeah, that's ours. So the bridges are ours, we understand that. These two we'll fix and we're looking at the rest of them and hopefully plan a little better so it won't sneak up on us like this one did,” said Director Joe Shearhouse, Savannah Leisure Services Bureau.

Work has already begun on the bridges at Bacon Park, with pilings already being driven for the one on the 18th hole, so O.C. Welch Golf clearly thinks Thursday’s vote will go the way they expect it to.

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