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Asked And Answered: What's the hold up now at Forsyth Park's spray pool?


Another month goes by, still no spray pool at Forsyth Park.

A lot of people calling this the never-ending project. So many viewers asking the same question, like this one: 

“Don, any update on the spray pool? It's September, and it's not looking good.”

You may remember a promise made by the contractors they'd have it done in August.

“Ain't going to be long, we're going to get it,” said the contractor.

It's not August anymore, and some people wondering if the city can handle even bigger projects.

“I'm not really sure what they are doing to be honest, wonder why it's taking so long to work on something so simple. I mean when a rich person wants a fountain, how long does it take? Seriously,” said Dylan Reddersen.

“Yeah, that's true, it does makes you wonder that,” said Claudia Rivera.

The project started in March, was delayed, and then it seemed to be back on track. The city is not placing blame on the contractor, instead saying they have now had weather delays.  In an email they write, concrete was poured in early August but city officials say there's a period of time where they let it sit, and then they do tests on the concrete to make sure it's acceptable. Before we allow the contractors to move on, we have to wait on the results of this testing. 

While Nanny Claudia hopes they finish soon.

“I nanny three kids and it would be really nice for them to have a place to cool off in the summer,” said Claudia.

Reddersen wonders if the city is wasting time on something seemingly simple, when they have bigger fish to fry.

“I mean especially out on President (Street), where the Marriott hotel is, getting that fixed. I think that is a bit more important,” said Reddersen.

The city said they hope to have more information on this project, next week.

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