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Anti-violence group members receiving threats


As another shooting is under investigation in Savannah, community groups continue to push for an end to the violence.

However, some are being threatened with violence themselves.

Solidarity in Savannah is rallying near Burroughs and 38th streets where several groups opened fire on each other Thursday night, injuring one bystander.

The group received several threats, even death threats for holding anti-violence rallies, trying to bring the community together and stop violence.

 Members of the group are receiving messages not to snitch and to stop trying to change things.

But the leaders of the groups said they will not be deterred.

"We have gotten some threats, not only to our members but to people who are seen with us. Some have heard things like, ‘Hey don't be a snitch, and I’ll tell that you’re a snitch.’ We are not surprised its happening, we are surprised it’s happening this early. That only means that it is working and that we are scaring those that are against us who want the violence to stop,” said Kelly Simpson, vice president of Solidarity in Savannah. "It is a very big issue and that is one of the things we are trying to highlight to these young men that are committing these crimes. The bullets do not always hit who you intend. It can hit a child, it can hit an elderly person. What happens when it is your child, or what happens if it is your neighbor?”

As far as the recent shooting, the victim should survive and no arrests have been made. It is currently under investigation. 

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