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Wet August eats up workable days for construction crews


August hasn’t been very kind to construction crews in the Coastal Empire and the Lowcountry as far as rain goes.

An inch and a quarter more than normal fell last month. But crews on President Street said rain delays are built into the project timeline.

"Now we've gotten into a few wetter days,” said Zack Hoffman, city of Savannah project manager.

Those wet, unworkable days have chewed up 15 days out of the 70 weather days built into the project. With a year and half left, Hoffman said one wet month is no road block.

"It's really been pretty uneventful and that's a good thing,” said Hoffman.

It's the long process of working with wet land that doesn't want to be worked with.

"It's very wet soil, and if you just place material, build the roadway over it, you'd anticipate you'd get settlement over time in which it would cause degradation over the roadway,” said Hoffman.

So while it looks like a smooth surface almost ready to be paved, they've got to place what they call "wick drains" in there to "wick" away the moisture, kind of like a sweat towel.

"Wick drains will be installed in the next month or two and following them, you place that additional surcharge which is about five feet of material on top that, of what's here now,” said Hoffman.

So the smooth surface you see on your right heading home isn't quite ready yet, but will be - weather pending - by early 2016.

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