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Sanford talks budget, Guantanamo Bay prisoner transfer while in Hilton Head Tuesday


The quality of roads, the deepening of the port and other critical local projects will be wrapped up in the budget battle this month in Congress.

Congressman Mark Sanford was on Hilton Head Island Tuesday morning, speaking to a group about the impact of what he called a September budget hurricane that will touch every household in this part of the country.

"Whether that's the roads that get funded here at home, the way the port's going to get deepened, or whether ultimately grandma’s social security check is still going to be sustainable. I think at the core the budget fights that you're going to see brewing in September and December go to funding those very issues and a lot of others like them,” said Sanford.

Sanford is also adamantly opposed to South Carolina being considered for the transfer of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.

The Department of Defense has surveyed the Naval Brig at Charleston as a possible site to transfer prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Sanford said Tuesday that the idea places the Lowcountry in jeopardy.

"The idea of sending some of the highest targets with regard to terrorism in the world to the Lowcountry just doesn't strike me as a good idea, not because I'm a member of Congress from here but because we have them currently in an existing location that's detached from the mainland of the U.S. and its population centers in a military setting,” said Sanford.

Sanford said the larger issue the president should address is the indefinite detention of the prisoners, that's the heart of the issue.

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