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Anti-violence groups collecting donations


Anti-violence groups were on Abercorn Street and Derenne Avenue Tuesday afternoon in another effort to curb violence in Savannah, and some are looking to your wallet for help. 

Some of you may have already donated to a few of these groups, and have asked where this money is going.

Group members of “Savannah Lives Matter”, which was formed less than a month ago, said they do accept donations, but first and foremost they want to connect people in need to available resources.

"We're not trying to reinvent the wheel, we just want to be that conduit, and we want to be that organization that connects people with the available resources," said Marco George, Savannah Lives Matter.

For example, GED training programs and organizations that provide workforce training.

"We want to be a funnel for funds, to make sure those different organizations that may need financial resources, to be able to funnel it to those that are responsible with the resources, so to hold them accountable, so to speak,” said George.

The group has set up a donation page through the online site "GiveForward". As of Tuesday evening, they've raised more than $1,200.

However, they have not given that money away yet. George said they want to be responsible and are still looking into the right groups to pass the donations along to.

"Not organizations that are top-heavy and paying huge salaries for executive directors and a bunch of staff. Organizations where the funds are getting to the end users,” said George.

Another member of "Savannah Lives Matter", Lorenzo McDonald, told WTOC the money donated online has not been used for administrative costs like fliers or t-shirts.

Ultimately, they want the highest percentage of donations possible to go straight back to the community.

But in the meantime their group and others, like the Bullhorn Crew who organized Tuesday’s event at Abercorn Street and Derenne Avenue, will continue to encourage the community to participate, whether that's financially or not.

"Our result is to get more people involved, to get people attention to know that we have organizations out there to help and support the community in any kind of way,” said Shawntray Grant, Bullhorn Crew.

Again, the "Savannah Lives Matter" group is still investigating where your donations will eventually end up.

Most in the non-profit world would likely recommend you hold off on giving until you know where that money is going.  As soon as the group lets WTOC know, we'll get that information to you.

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