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Savannah evaluating EMS access to area parks


About a month ago, a woman was taking a routine morning walk at Joseph J. Tribble Park off Largo Drive when she fell down and hurt herself badly enough that she couldn't get back up.

The woman cried out for help and eventually got the attention of another walker, who then called 911. But when EMT's arrived, they couldn't bring the emergency equipment right up to her, because a padlocked gate was in the way.

"There's no technology to get them in other than the key," said Dr. Frank Davis.

Dr. Davis, who is on the Chatham County EMS Advisory Committee, had the incident brought to his attention during last week's County Commission workshop.

Davis said, "It's really tough for the pre-hospital care providers to walk a half a mile to patients. So they need to be able to drive, and we need to make sure they have access."

Being a city park, we asked Savannah City representatives what solutions are being looked at to prevent this from happening again.

"Currently, SCMPD has that access. They're generally the first responders for most calls. But we are currently reviewing our safety protocols, we're reaching out to Southside Fire to find the best solution we can to make sure that all of our emergency responders do have access," said Saja Aures, with Savannah's Public Information Office.

While Aures said this is the first time something like this has happened, they'd like for it to be the last.

Aures said, "We're going to do whatever it takes to make sure that our emergency responders can get in, can take care of folks, and that it's accessible."

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