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Child receives Outstanding Youth Award for helping solve burglary


Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Chief Joseph Lumpkin recognized 9-year-old Masyah with the Outstanding Youth Award for the role he played in prosecuting three criminals.

The young man’s identity is being protected, but he was honored for what he did after witnessing a burglary.

Masyah immediately told his grandmother, who called the police. He not only gave officers a detailed description of the men, he testified in court, leading to a conviction. An act Chief Lumpkin called an example to the entire community.

"He not only saw something occur, he did something about it. That's what we need from citizens, we need citizens who know information, who have information about certain issues and challenges and problems and people who are committing crimes to actually come forward and share that information with the police,” said Chief Lumpkin.

Chief Lumpkin said Masyah's recollection of details, and his description to police is incredible for a 9 year old, better than most adults are able to provide.

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