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Hinesville man charged with felony animal cruelty


A Hinesville man is facing charges of animal cruelty after cutting off a dog’s tail while dog-sitting for a neighbor.

Steven Dobbs is in jail charged with one count of cruelty to an animal, which is a felony.

The Hinesville man agreed to dog-sit his neighbor's pitbull puppy while he was out. The owner arrived home Tuesday night around five and half hours later and went to get his dog.  

"When he got there, the neighbor asked if he had seen his dog. Then police say Dobbs told the owner that he cut the dog's tail off.  When the owner found his puppy, the dog's tail was missing," explained Hinesville Police Detective Kyle Lairamore.  

He also said Dobbs didn't say why he did it, but according to the owner of the dog, Dobbs planned to cut off the puppy's ears next.

Hinesville Police found the remains of the dog's tail in Dobbs' trash bin inside his home. 

Police believe the dog will make a full recovery. 

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