Dozens of Pets Need New Homes

Two of many who need homes.
Two of many who need homes.

Some of our four-legged friends need our help. The Savannah Pet Complex is closing its doors and now dozens of animals need homes. They are not making enough profits to keep it going, and now almost 40 animals, which have already been through a lot, need homes.

The closing isn't just a matter of losing money--it may be a matter of losing lives.

"We have rescues here that need homes and we have nowhere to go with them," said Kyra Piercey, who's been working at the Savannah Pet Complex for the last year. "This is the best job in the world. I play with dogs all day, you cant beat that really."

The pet resort provides daycare for dogs as well as boards cats. Piercey has a photo album of all the animals that have come through, all the animals she has grown so attached to.

"Every single one of them, I start crying as they leave the door," she said. "I love them so much."

But with the pending closing, the hardest part for the employees is saying good bye to all the animals they have saved along the way.

"One of our dogs we found as a puppy and we saw him tied up to a tree stump and we took him in his name is Stumpy," Piercey said.

And with the help of sponsors, Stumpy, along with dozens of other dogs and cats, are completely healthy. "All their vet bills are paid, they're all spayed, they're all neutered, they're all on Heartguard and they're all heartworm negative," said Piercey.

Healthy and happy now, but come next Tuesday, they just don't know where these animals will end up. "All the dogs are just so lovable, they look at you with those eyes and say, 'Take me home,'" said Piercey.

Save-a-Life (598.7729) and the Coastal Pet Rescue (351.4151) are helping with the adoptions.

Their biggest concern is these dogs and cats that they have grown so attached not be put down. Save-a-Life will be at Petsmart on Abercorn Street all morning tomorrow.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,