Class Ring Returned After Nearly 30 Years

When you get that class ring, it's a proud moment. And most people hang on to theirs for life. But an Effingham County man thought he'd never see his again when he lost it years ago in a car crash.

Pastor Darnell Barner of Guyton was in a bad car accident a few years out of high school and he never once thought that something good would come out of that tragic event many years later.

It started when he was in high school. "It was the first thing I ever bought with my money," he told us.

What the pastor cherished so much was his high class ring. A ring he lost nearly 30 years ago.

"One time I thought maybe somebody found the ring, hopefully they put it to good use, sold it and gave some the money to help the poor people or something like that," he said.

Though wasn't seriously injured in the accident, which happened while he was coming home from college one weekend, his car was totaled and the ring was missing. "It got off my finger and I could not find it. I tore that car up trying to find this ring. I knew it was in there but I just could not find it."

The car was eventually towed all the way across the state to Pearson. The ring was found in the wreckage, but no one told Barner--at least not until about month ago.

"She said there's this lady down in Pearson, Georgia, that would like to call you, she thinks she may have your high school ring," he recalled.

So Barner called her. It turns out her husband runs the junkyard in Pearson where his car was taken. So after 27 years, his prized ring is once again on his finger.

"God answers prayer," the pastor said. "I've always believed that. You know God might not answer your prayer the day that you pray it, but you just be patient. You wait upon the Lord, it may take 27 years, but God's always true to his word."

Strangely enough, Barner says when he slipped his class ring on his finger, it was a perfect fit.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,