College Recognizes Schools for Achievement

They're giving at-risk youngsters a chance at Mattie Lively Elementary School in Statesboro. Georgia Southern University honored the school with its "High Flying School" award. It recognizes schools helping students overcome low-income backgrounds and other factors that often lead to failing test scores.

"We don't want to use things like poverty, minority, or need as an excuse and not expect the best from these children," said principal Dr. Carolyn Broucek.

"Mattie Lively is an example of a school beating the odds, showing proof we can dispel the myths," said GSU professor Dr. Dan Rea.

It's working. The school's among the top third in the nation for test scores.

Georgia Southern also honored schools in Michigan, Maryland and Alabama. Last year, they recognized Chatham County's Islands Elementary.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,