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Bluffton road rage assault caught on camera


A college student said she was attacked by a couple during a road rage incident in Old Town Bluffton, and the whole thing was caught on camera.

She said she was walking in a parking lot on her way to work when a couple accused her of speeding, that’s when things got violent.

“I was like excuse me, sorry, I’ll slow down next time. I was trying to just end the situation. After she used some colorful words to describe me, I pointed out that she was driving the wrong way in a one way to yell at someone for speeding. Before I even finished my statement, she was already out of her car,” said Kerstin, assault victim.

That’s when a bystander in the building nearby, started recording.

“She just ran up to me and went to hit me and hit my coffee into my face and that pretty much started the whole fight,” said Kerstin.

Kerstin said she didn’t know what to do, so she started fighting back.

“Her boyfriend, or whatever he was, got out of the car and then continued to help her, like, he was grabbing me and squeezing on me, and telling me to let go, but yet he was trying to hurt me also,” Kerstin explained.

Kerstin suffered minor injuries.

“My fingertip is broken. I have a few bruises obviously. I went to the emergency room to make sure there wasn’t any major damage done or anything like that and it’s just all muscle damage,” Kerstin said.

She still wants the suspects to be caught, when police do find them, she’s going to press charges.

“Right now we’re looking for a white female with shoulder length hair and a white male with a very short haircut, and obviously the grey Toyota pickup truck. It’s a four door. Also has a paper tag,” said Sgt. Kelly Heany, Bluffton Police Department. “Videos give a more accurate account of what actually occurred as far as, it gives a better description than the victim can give us."

Investigators said they have some reliable leads that they are looking into. If you have any information on the assault, or can identify the people in the video, call police. 

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