Tribute to Great Chefs of the South

Sick of the same old thing for dinner? Some of the best restaurants around are putting on a Tribute to Great Chefs of the South this weekend. Local chefs are hosting visiting chefs from Savannah, Atlanta, Florida, even as far as New Orleans, to spice things up a little in the Low Country.

Chefs are working hard in a number of Beaufort's finest restaurants as they close their doors for the Tribute to Great Chefs of the South. For the event, they'll serve five-course meals to 75 people.

Visiting Chef Gerry Klaskala from Atlanta has designed the menu for Saltus River Grill and is whipping up all his best dishes. "Creamless wild mushroom sauce with black truffles with custard. We do this in Atlanta and it's a favorite, so I hope it goes over well."

But it's a lot of hard work. "Hours and hours, the slow cooked lamb is three hours," said Klaskala. "All the dishes, I guess we'll put in a couple hundred of hours of labor to pull the event off."

But local chef Jim Spratling says it's all worth it. "There's no question in my mind that it pays off and just gives us exposures in other towns."

Not only that, but chefs get to swap ideas and try new dishes. At the Beaufort Inn, they've been busy working on dessert.

On Saturday, there will be food and wine tastings at five downtown restaurants. There will also be professional cooking demonstrations all afternoon at the Beaufort Arsenal. To get tickets, stop by the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce or call them at 843.986.5400.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,