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Police continue search for attempted kidnapping suspect in Cann Park neighborhood


Police are canvasing the area around Beach High School for a man they said attacked a 15-year-old student who was walking to school on Wednesday.

At the beginning of year, campus police started the walking school bus in the area, establishing safe routes and getting the community involved in protecting the students who walk to and from school.

They've also increased their patrols, but Wednesday, a teenage girl said a man was trying to hold a conversation with her before lifting her off the ground. Luckily the teen was able to break free.

Campus Police Chief Terry Enoch was shocked to hear that yet another incident has happened, because he said this community has been working hard to turn things around.

"I saw a lot of activity of neighbors, residents folks that are coming out on their porch, paying attention to what's going on so it appears that our whole safe routes initiative has caught on in that whole Cann Park neighborhood,” said Chief Enoch. 

It was a year ago this week that a couple of teens were attacked on West 44th and Florence streets. At least seven teenage girls have been attacked in the Cann Park area, in the last year. While police do not believe the most recent one is linked, all of the attacks have a lot in common.

 "He's looking for targets of opportunity,” said Gary Glemboski, WTOC safety and security expert.

Whether it's one suspect or multiple suspects, Glemboski said it's clear that the motive is to take advantage of teenage girls in this neighborhood.

"The times are kind of interesting when the attacks are occurring,” said Glemboski.

Most of the incidents happened while students are walking to and from school. The busier it is, the better for an attacker to make a move.

"People may think well he stands a better chance of being seen, the point is, there's a lot of stuff going on. People are looking at other things going on,” said Glemboski.

He said in these types of cases, the motive is usually rape.

There's only been one confirmed rape in the area and the rest of the teens have gotten away.

Campus police started the walking school bus initiative this year to reduce these types of crimes. Police have also beefed up patrols in this area but Glemboski said students need to take some responsibility to protect themselves.

"It’s happening, it’s obviously happening in their neighborhood so they need to take some ownership,” said Glemboski. 

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