Hometown Hero: Chief's Outstanding Youth Award

Hometown Hero: Chief's Outstanding Youth Award

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - A young boy stood up to crime and shows how everyone can be helping fight Savannah's biggest problem.

"It is a great feeling to have a young man demonstrate citizenship beyond what most adults do," said Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Chief Joseph Lumpkin.

Chief Lumpkin honored a local hero Wednesday, a WTOC Hometown Hero, who came forward to help police and his neighborhood when he saw a burglary being committed, leading to an arrest.

And while 9-year-old Masaya's full identity is being withheld. His actions are being celebrated, by the investigating officer.

"He knew it was wrong and wanted to help and told the right person," said Officer Josh Calvert, SCMPD.

And by the assistant district attorney, who credited Masaya with the conviction of three burglars.

"He testified at trial, calm under pressure, absolutely certain about what he saw. There was not a lot of physical evidence in this case, so I really don't know without him coming forward that they would have been able to make an arrest," said Allison Bailey, assistant district attorney, juvenile court.

And, as important as the information he provided in this case, was the example Masaya set for how an entire city can react to the disturbingly high rate of crime.

"He taught us that if you see something, say something. Say something and have the courage to come forward," said Chief Lumpkin.

"People need to speak up because it could have been them, it could have been their house," said Officer Calvert.

"If a 9-year-old has the bravery and the wits to come forward like this, then it's a crying shame that adults don't come forward more often," said Bailey.

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