Hometown Heroes--The Savannah Chapter of the USO

Bob Miller
Bob Miller

For more than half a century, the United Service Organization, better known as the USO, has been providing aid and comfort to our fighting forces.

Over the years thousands of soldiers have come through on their way to war, leaving their families and loved ones behind. On every occasion, the USO has been there to help take away some of the pain. More than 150 volunteers make up the Savannah chapter.

Among the most faithful members is Bob Miller, who says their mission is really quite simple. "To make things better for the troops, whether they are at home and need to contact their families. We can aid in doing that or whether they want some snacks or things like that or whether they need need entertaining. We can do some of that."

Since January 1, more than 16,000 troops have deployed from our area. Bob Miller has been there for just about every one those deployments.

Miller started serving his country back in the mid '40s when he joined the Marine Corps. Although he never had to go off to war, he is still very much a hero. "The most enjoyable part of his USO service is talking to the soldiers who have just come back from the war," he told us. "Welcome them back. Just let them know that we appreciate what they have been doing and we're glad to have them back home."

For their dedicated service to our fighting men and women, Bob Miller and the other members of the Savannah chapter of the USO of Georgia are this week's WTOC Hometown Heroes.

If you'd like to nominate a Hometown Hero, you can drop us a line at the station: PO Box 8086, Savannah, GA 31412, or email  rwallace@wtoc.com.

Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com