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DNR investigating possible illegal deer hunting


The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is investigating the possibility of illegal deer hunting in the Coffee Bluff area.

A large size deer was found in the marsh of Rose Dhu Road earlier this week and it has raised some concern.

The deer appears to have been shot and then dumped in the marsh, although the location of the shooting is not clear.

"I am disturbed by this, I mean this is something that should not be occurring in neighborhoods and it’s very dangerous," said Alderman Tony Thomas, District 6. "There are so many things that are illegal about this, the discharge of a firearm in city limits. The disposal of hunting deer out of season. The disposal of a deer in the marsh lands."

The DNR confirmed that they are investigating the incident but do not have much at this point. They are interviewing several people in the area. They want to remind people that hunting out of season and dumping an animal in this way is illegal.

"We had no idea where the deer was shot and where it had come from. We knew we were not responsible,” said Paula Poppell. The deer washed up near Poppell’s property, “They left it to die and it was not in season, so that was the bad part about it."

Alderman Thomas is concerned that if a gun is being used inside the city limits, inside a tight knit community, it could end tragically.

"An overshot or a missed shot could go in and hurt or even kill someone," said Thomas. 

If you are caught hunting out of season, or disposing of the body in the wrong way, you can face misdemeanor charges.

Bow season begins Sept. 12, and firearms hunting season begins Oct. 17.

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