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Public Savannah mayoral candidate forum being held

Edna Jackson Edna Jackson
Eddie DeLoach Eddie DeLoach
Murray Silver Murray Silver

What do you want out of your Mayor? And what issues are having the largest effect on Savannah? Those are just a few questions that Emergent Savannah is working to answer Monday night.

If you have interest in expressing your ideas on Savannah's next Mayor, you should go to the Sentient Bean for a special forum called “If I were Mayor: 5 visions for the Future of Savannah” forum. The meeting is open to the public in hopes of bringing all walks of life together to talk about what Savannahians want in their next mayor.

We all know this is an important discussion to be had as we get closer to the municipal election in Savannah. Edna Jackson, Murray Silver, and Eddie DeLoach are all running for the seat, and this is a critical time to create questions knowing elections will be in early November.

The 5 Savannah residents who will be acting as candidates will be given 5 to 7 minutes to present their ideas on what they would do as mayor, and then each person will be up for debate by the audience.

Emergent Savannah will be jotting down what all these mock candidates have to say, and they say they have a diverse group.

"OK, if you want to go out and do these great things, how are you going to make that happen? What is the reality of it? Is this a great idea and is this something that can actually be done? The whole thought process behind this is what happens when we bring together sort of a different grouping of ideas," said Courtnay Papy and Alexis Perez, Emergent Savannah organizers.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at the Sentient Bean on Park Avenue near Forsyth Park.

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