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Smoke alarms save family in Bluffton


A kitchen fire erupted in a Bluffton home Monday afternoon, while three people were sleeping inside.

Fire officials said because of the home’s two smoke detectors, the residents are alive to tell the story.

“I’m thankful. I am thankful. I said it all night last night. I’m thankful for the alarm,” said Elouise P. Green, fire victim.

The very large grease fire started on the stove, burning a pan to a crisp and melting the knobs off.

The fire started just one room away from where Green and her great granddaughter were sleeping. She knows just how close her family came to tragedy.

“If it wasn’t for the alarm, I guess the fire would have come up to the door and we wouldn’t have heard it,” said Green.

She heard the two smoke detectors in her home, and so did her neighbors. As she got up to leave the house, her neighbors were able to extinguish the fire before it spread. Green said her story is a testimony of how investing in working smoke detectors saved her life.

“I encourage everyone who don’t have the alarm in their houses, get the alarms in your house because you can’t hear the fire until it starts popping,” said Green.

And when you can hear the fire, it may be too late.

“A lot of people always think that we die because of the fire, and it’s not. It’s the toxic gases in the smoke that are going to kill us way before the fire ever gets to us. So it’s the working smoke alarm in the home that’s a great way to be notified of a fire and be able to wake up and get out in a safe manner,” said Randy Hunter, Bluffton Township Fire District.

Fire officials said the same smoke detectors that saved Mrs. Green and her family save thousands of people every year.

If you need any information on smoke detectors, you can always contact your local fire department.

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