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Prayer board promoting community healing


Groups and individuals are trying to find ways to help Savannah move beyond the violence and other problems the community faces, from street corner demonstrations to community meetings. Folks are looking for an answer.

One of the latest efforts to promote community healing is a lot different than seen so far.

Instead of loudspeakers and posters being used to convey messages to those who might be dealing with violence on their street, a family on Reynolds Street is inviting the community to come to them, specifically this prayer board.

Morgan Paddock and her husband are missionaries who run a non-profit called “The Dream Campaign”, which caters to community youth offering mentoring, help with homework, and just a safe place to go after school. But the Paddocks want to reach the whole community, young and old with this concept of writing down their prayers.

Paddock said seeing all of the recent violence and the reactions that follow, she wanted to take a different approach.

"I hope that people not only find a place to write it, but that they are also encouraged to know that other people are coming here and seeing that and praying for them as well,” said Paddock, creator of Community Prayer Board.

While she acknowledged it's a simple concept, Paddock hopes it is impactful, and fills up with the appeals of her neighbors to a higher healing power.

"We just know that there's been a lot of crime and problems in our community, and a lot of people are responding in different ways to it. And for us, we just felt like this was another way that people could respond, that there was a battle to fight that was bigger than something that we could do on our own,” said Paddock.

The Community Prayer Board is only in its second day. Paddock said once this fills up, they'll replace it with a fresh board and hopefully someday, display a large wall of all the prayers for Savannah.

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