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Woman saved from house fire by being at church


A woman whose house was completely destroyed in a fire in Ridgeland Wednesday night, said the timing of the fire is nothing short of a miracle.

She said she’s alive today, because she went to church.

When Betty Johnson got home from church Wednesday evening from a special fall program, she saw a little bit of smoke coming out of the house. Her family called the fire department as a precaution. She had no idea she was about to lose everything, and that her trip to church, may have saved her life.

“I got home about 9:30 and when I pulled up in the yard I saw the smoke from the back of my trailer,” said Johnson.

In just minutes, she could see the flames spread throughout her home, and there was nothing she could do about it.

“It started from the laundry room, it skipped the bedroom next to the laundry room, and went to the living room, the kitchen, and the other bedroom. All the fire was in the top and the smoke was down so evidently started in the electrical wiring in the ceiling,” said Johnson.

Though she’s lost just about everything she’s worked for, she’s still smiling.  

“I’m just thanking God for life because my two kids could have been mourning for me,” said Johnson.

Johnson said there’s no doubt that her church, saved her life. She believes if the fire happened a day earlier, she may not have been here to tell her story.

“If I wasn’t in church, I would have been in my bed sleeping because I take medication at night. I know if I would have taken my medication, I would have been sleep,” said Johnson.

Johnson said she was able to recover a few valuables, but everything else was destroyed. She’s staying with family, but she’s planning on rebuilding at the same location in the future.

Investigators in Jasper County are still investigating the cause of the fire. 

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